Monday, May 15, 2006

Έντεκα (νέοι και αισιόδοξοι [σε σχέση με πριν] στίχοι του Morrissey)

[από το αριστουργηματικό Leader of the Tormentors]

1. At last I am born / living the one, true, free life…
2. And yes, one day I / will close my eyes forever…but there is no end / and I will see you in far-off places
3. The future is ended by a long, long sleep…
4. I once thought that I / had numerous reasons to cry / and I did – but I don’t anymore…I once was a mess / of guilt because of the flesh / it’s remarkable what you can learn / once you are born, born, born.
5. And now I’m walking through Rome / and there is no room to move / but the heart feels free…the heart feels free…
6. I thank you / I thank you with all of my heart / I thank you / I thank you with all of my heart
7. I once used to chase / affection withdrawn / but now I just sit back and yawn… I once thought that time / accentuates despair / but now I don’t actually care / because I’m born, born, born.
8. I’m falling in love again /again /again / again
9. …But then I look at you / and know that somewhere / there’s a someone / who can soothe me
10. To me you are / a work of art
11. Historians note / I am finally born


enteka said...

Τα τραγούδια:
At Last I Am Born: 1,4,7,11
I Will See You in Far-Off Places: 2
In the Future When All’s Well: 3,6
Dear God Please Help Me: 5
Life is a Pigsty: 8
To Me You Are a Work of Art: 9,10

rapaz said...

Very refreshing indeed.. :-)

Anonymous said...

now you're talking..
Applause for Morrissey
and thumbs up for enteka:)

enteka said...

καλά, έχει γίνει άλλος άνθρωπος (και, έρωτας είναι η αιτία)

Xilaren said...

λέγε ό,τι θες! did your best but

As I live and breathe
You have killed me
You have killed me
Yes, I walk around somehow
But you have killed me
You have killed me

θα το είχα κάνει ποστ αν δεν ακουγόταν τόσο πολύ!

Άντε, σας έπιασε η άνοιξη και τα βλεπετε όλα ροζ! :-P

Sleeper in Metropolis said...

There is no point saying it again
I forgive you
I forgive you... :)

Έτσι είναι η μεγαλοσύνη του έρωτα.

enteka said...

nai vre xilaren, alla opos eipothike apo Muse, i synexeia (kai to telos) tou tragoudiou einai I Forgive You...Tha to lege ayto o palios Morrissey?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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